[TLC120 FAQ] Recording Settings

Learn how to setup the TLC120 properly before you hit the record button.

TLC120 is the best process recorder. It allows you to setup different settings according to where you are shooting. Whether you are in your studio, create on a street, or in the night, we provide 3 different settings to help you be more creative.

Before you start

Time lapse is all about “Time Interval” and “Frame Rate”. These are the 2 main settings are what will determine the speed of our final video.

  • Time Interval (Capture Rate):
    • This is how often the camera takes a picture. For example, if it is set at an interval of 5 seconds, the camera takes a picture every 5 seconds. The longer the interval, the faster the apparent motion of the elements in the movie, and vice versa.

    Function: recording time/time interval = total frames

  • Frame Rate:  Frame rate can also be modified after recording (whereas time interval cannot). It determines the speed the frames are played back. Each frame represents a picture. The higher the frame rate, the quicker the video will play.
  • Time Lapse Video Length Calculator (See example below)


In this case, your recording time is 2 hours, which is 7200 seconds, divided by your capture rate, which is 5 seconds, you will get 1440, which is your total frames. Finally, 1440 divided by 20, which is frame rate per second, you will get 72, which is your video length.


Let’s get started

Before you press the record button, we highly recommend you to try below settings:

  • In Studio: 
  • On Street(day):
  • On Street(night):

After you confirm your settings, you can find the best location and press the record button.


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