Time Lapse, The Simplest Way to Amaze Your Process of Work


Have you ever thought about an easy way to amaze your process of work? As a designer and artist, showing the result is the most important thing if we want to impress somebody. Thanks to the technology, we have so many tools out on the market to record and edit the video to make our process shown and make our work presents even batter. It requires some level of skills and techniques to be able to do so, and expensive of course.

Time-lapse is not only the technology that captures views, but also your process. It is something that the amaze your work from hours of video into a snap. It is, of course, something that can help you to make your portfolio looked better and to help your presentation convinced better.

What if there is a product that is simple enough and no skills required to help you amaze your process good enough as the skill required and it generates photos automatically to a time lapse video, isn’t it great? Thanks to the TLC120, it is now possible to make time-lapse easier. We want to help amaze your process better. To transform your ordinary process into something extraordinary.

The TLC120 is not only a time lapse camera, it is a tool, it is something that can help you become even famous. An online celebrity and Youtuber often need a scene or a way to present their work of the process. Time lapse video is must of time your choice to present the stories better. TLC120 is surely the most simple and great solution for building up a better relationship with the fans.

This is TLC120, this is something that you will consider as one of your tools during your creation.

We cooperated with a well-known Taiwanese monument restoration artist, Leo Tsai. Check out the video down below of his work and how the TLC120 performed!