Puppy to Adult In Time-Lapse Photography.

As Time-lapse Photography becomes more popular, people have begun to record or shoot photos from time to time of their pets, kids, or even themselves. Today, I want to share with you someone who recorded his baby German Shepherd from its first day at home as a 2 months old puppy, in a short 40 seconds video grown to a year-old adult.

Adult German Shepherd

(Credit: Flickr Harold Meerveld)

Time-Lapse technology is no longer something fancy,that requires professional skills. It is something easy that anyone can do on their own without any fancy instructions. With only one machine that will do almost everything for you focusing on Time-Lapse Photography. You can now create your own Time-Lapse Video and share it with everybody!

Brinno not only makes Time-Lapse easier but most importantly preserves your precious moments in a fun and unique way.

(Credit: Youtube TheDunderBoy)

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For the first time there is technology that is made for everyday people (professionals already know how easy it is to use.) No stitching or complicated programs. The battery life is unrivaled by anything in the market so you don’t fear losing footage.

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