How Creative Can You Get With Brinno's TLC200 PRO?

“Creating a time-lapse video usually involves a DSLR and pricey image-processing software. The Brinno TLC200 PRO camera is so simple that anyone can plop it down and end up with a high-quality time-lapse. The image sensor has larger-than-normal 4.2-micron pixels, so images are bright—even at night. The camera takes up to five images per second for a day, and onboard software stitches them into a 720p video. ” The quote taken from Popular Science Magazine was referencing the very popular TLC200 PRO, Brinno’s flagship camera. 

The TLC200 PRO Time-Lapse Camera

Whether you are filming the clouds of Perth, Australia, like our good friend Carl Nelson or shooting the stars in the galaxy like our creative director Abu Wei, the PRO will offer a creative outlet for you.

Flower lovers will love the simplicity of this simple but really beautiful video of flowers opening up or a butterfly escaping it’s cocoon for the very first time. With the TLC200 PRO you never have to miss a moment. Who doesn’t like a sunrise or sunset? With the PRO you can ‘Set it and forget it’. With the long lasting battery life and weather proof housing you will no longer be obligated to get up early to film, the PRO will do the work for you. No more stitching, no 50,000 frames for a short video, time-lapse videos have never been so easy.

If the thought of time-lapse video excites you but has always felt overwhelming, the TLC200 PRO is the answer. Be creative on your own terms. We will be featuring different types of videos, some will inspire and some will make you ask questions. We welcome the questions, in our quest to have the best time-lapse camera on the market today.              The motto at Brinno? Never miss a shot…

We leave you with this short video of #DTLA with a cinematic filter added…

Time lapse HDR video now possible with Brinno TLC200 Pro (Video)

The first HDR time lapse video camera


The Brinno TLC200 Pro is the first video camera to shoot time lapse HDR. Not only is the HDR processed on the fly, this camera is dead simple to setup and use. The dynamic range of the video is truly amazing for such a simple unit.

I’ve been processing HDR still photos for years now, and it’s a time consuming process. The results are worth it, so I take the time; but I never envisioned HDR would find its way to video…and so elegantly simply as with the Brinno TLC200 Pro.

For those who don’t know what HDR is, it stands for High Dynamic Range. In plain English, that means the photo/video is able to capture the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows in one image. Usually with standardphotography or video, the camera only records the brightest part of an image and lets the shadows go black. HDR lets you see all the detail. Watch the video to see how well it captures the bright setting sun and yet doesn’t lose detail in the yard. (All that disturbance on the pond is a large flock of ducks.)

A couple notes from the video:

Keep in mind that the video you are watching has been compressed twice and reduced in size from the original version. The original AVI looks much better than this processed copy.

The default setting for the camera is to turn off when there’s not enough light at night – that saves batteries and an unattractive black screen. Next time around I would turn that default off and then edit out the section where it’s completely dark.

At the end of the video you see reflections of lights on in my office that weren’t on the first night. Lesson to self…if you are shooting through a glass window, make sure there’s nothing to reflect inside.

For my first effort, I was really pleased with the quality of the video. I also used it to film a fireworks display with the “night” setting and it looked amazing.

Easy to use

To set up the unit, merely remove it from the box, install four AA batteries, install one SD card and you’re ready to shoot. It will hold SD cards up to 32 GB.

The first HDR time lapse video camera

To make your first video, simply flip the power switch to ON and press the OK button to turn on the LCD viewer on the back of the unit. Frame your shot and then press the OK button twice. You’re recording. When completed, press the OK button and hold temporarily to stop the recording. It’s that easy.

The first HDR time lapse video camera

When you take the SD card out, you’ll find that you have a completed AVI video in 1280 x 720 resolution. It’s not a series of JPG images that need to be stitched together, it’s ready to play.

If you also purchase the accessory ABR100 Brinno reader, you can plug it into the micro-USB port on your compatible tablet or cellphone and watch the video immediately after recording. If not, plug your SD card into your laptop and watch it there. Any common editing software will work with AVI files.

The first HDR time lapse video camera

There’s a host of other accessories available as well, but you don’t need any of them to get started. The attached video was taken immediately after setting it up the first time – right out of the box.

Ways to use it

The TLC200 Pro comes with five shooting modes.

  • Daylight for standard photography
  • Twilight for sunrises and sunsets
  • Night for nighttime shooting with longer exposures
  • Moon – special setting with 2 second exposure lengths
  • Star – special setting with 4 second exposure lengths

For the techie types

Check out these specs about what makes this package so awesome:

The TLC200 Pro uses an extra-large sensor to capture the maximum amount of digital information about the scene in front of it. Where an ordinary DSLR captures a 65 DB range, the Brinno captures 115DB. The other telling factor is that it uses a larger pixel size than most digital cameras – almost 4 times wider and higher than most APC-DSLR’s. Those combine for maximum light sensitivity, enabling the most detail in your low-light or nighttime videos.

The camera comes with a super wide angle lens – up to a 112 degree field of view. The lens has an f2.0 aperture, meaning it captures a LOT of light in dim situations. Both of those are great for most situations, but you have optional accessories if that isn’t what you want. Telephoto lenses are available for a closer view and even faster glass is available should you need it.


by Doug Bardwell via Examiner

The Amazing Brinno Time Lapse Camera from CES 2013

The top executives of Brinno were at the CES booth when I went to visit. They were ready to show me their amazing products. They made sure that some samples contained in a nice tote bag were given to me before I left.
The three products supplied to me were a Time Lapse Camera (TLC 200), a Peep Hole Viewer, and a Motion-Activated Sensor. I still have to install and test the last two, which go together.  But I have used, re-used and fully-tested the camera.
Cameras have been indispensable companions for many of us as we go on with our daily lives. From experiencing the analog way of recording images to the digitalization of both still and motion/video pictures, they were useful tools in recording, storing and retrieving vivid images that depicted our social lives or of those events that we wish to remember and probably retrieve as great memories.
Desktops, laptops, notebooks, ultra books, tablets/MacBook, and smartphones/iPhones – all have cameras capable of taking still photos and videos. They show that amidst the special features operated in these digital devices, the camera still plays a significant role.

Shoot high quality HDR time lapse video with the Brinno TLC200 Pro


When Brinno’s customers asked for an HDR time lapse video camera after purchasing the TLC200 model, the electronics company listened.

“A great  many of them emailed and phoned us and suggested features and functionality for a follow on camera,” said Chris Adams,  president and founder of Phase 3 Systems, Brinno’s distributor for the Americas. “Better low light image quality, better image quality period, faster capture rates, optional lenses, and on and on.”

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There’s a scenic beauty that unfolds through the use of time lapse photography and time lapse video. The terms are pretty interchangeable and there’s not much difference from the viewers’ perspective between time lapse video and time lapse photography. In either one, the time of ongoing events is condensed into a manageable viewing window.

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11 new gadgets for fantastic photos

11 new gadgets for fantastic photos









The Brinno TLC200 is a time-lapse camera that creates HD videos. Simply set the time interval for picture taking using its Menu and Time buttons, leave the camera in your desired location and let the Brinno do the work.

The lens is rotatable up to 120 degrees, and you can attach an additional wide-angle lens to capture a larger view. The 5-megapixel camera measures 2.5 x 1.8 x 4.2 in. and weighs 4.2 oz. (without its four AA batteries). By default, it captures two pictures each second, or you can set it to take images at intervals from every 1 second to every 24 hours.

An optional $20 shutter line accessory lets you easily makestop motion videos.



By Rebecca Linke via Computerworld,

Discover the amazing world of time lapse with the Brinno TLC 200

A stitch in time….

Time lapse photography has been around for quite some time. I’m sure most of you have seen some nice scenery with clouds passing by, or a busy street with cars and people running hastily. Or maybe witness a construction site, with the building raised in a matter of minutes, when the actual time span of construction could be years. Time lapse allows us to fast forward the time, and either witness in a matter of seconds events that would otherwise require hours, days or months to watch, or create an artistic kind of movie, taking advantage of the high speed motion. Imagine hours, days, months or years of action being compressed and played back in high speed in a few seconds or minutes. The result can be breathtaking!

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Travel And Technology: What I Can’t Live Without

TLC200Pro-on hand-06


Wondering what to take on the road when it comes to electronics?  You’re not the only one.  Long gone are the days where a basic camera and some binoculars were the height of travel gadgetry.  Walking into a hotel now requires a quick scan for the nearest plug (or plugs), the first thing I do is make sure everything is charged and ready to go. So what does a long term traveler have in her carry-on? I am giving you a glimpse into the things I am obsessed with having. That is not to say that I don’t have more but a girl only has two hands.

tlc 200

My New Toy

I am a gadget junkie. A techie nerd is what my friends call me. I have become obsessed with time lapse videos and while  surfing the net trying to figure out how to make one, stumbled across my latest toy. A camera that makes time lapse videos, requiring no stitching and very little set up. I like anything that makes my life easier. Enter the object that captured my imagination. The Brinno TLC200 PRO is the world’s 1st HDR Time Lapse Video Camera. When I initially read about this stunning piece of machinery, it was not yet available in the US. Time lapse videos are everywhere, my ability to capture destinations and offer them to various outlets as well as my own followers has greatly increased my own creativity. The possibilities are endless, the quality is spot on and now I can easily show other ‘techie nerds’ how easy it is to create an amazing video.

This impressive time lapse video made by Carl Nelson

HP Envy


I just purchased the HP Envy TouchSmart -8GB- 1TB Hard Drive. While that may seem like too much hard drive, it actually is perfect, in terms of storage for all of my photo and video editing programs. The Beats Audio is great and I have learned that Windows 8 is actually likable. This is my 4th HP laptop and my favorite of all. The 17.3″ screen is easy to view and graphics are crisp. I edit photos all day so my purchase ofLightroom 5 made the choice of this computer an easy one.


iPod Touch

I am constantly asked why I carry an iPod and a phone. The answer is pretty simple: The new iPod Touch  has the Retina screen, apps that are unbelievable and an excellent upgraded camera. The 5th Generation model comes in different colors and 32GB can hold tons of photos and music. I like the idea of carrying something that doesn’t ring. I can shove it in a pocket and if I happen to stumble across Free WiFi, maybe my email will be checked. The newest version is a bit expensive, starting at $299.00 but the size and capabilities have made my life and doing small work tasks so much easier. There are two new versions of the iPod Touch. If the forward facing camera is important, then the 32GB model is the one you will need.

nikon d5100


I have come across so many people who snap all of their photos with their smart phones. While I understand this and use mine on a daily basis for the same reason, I find myself  drawn to all of the DSLR’s that are out there. My favorite? The Nikon D5100 DSLR. If you are looking to take your photography from point and shoot to inexpensive DSLR this is a perfect model for you. The price point is good, the photos are crisp and low-light pics are outstanding.


My Phone

I confess: I am addicted to phones. This is actually common knowledge. There isn’t a phone I haven’t tried, tested, fallen in love with or read about. I read every piece of information on every phone that comes out. My favorite at the moment is the HTC One.  It’s sleek, sexy and takes great photos. The Android platform is user friendly and I appreciate the ease. Can a phone really be sexy? YUP. It can and this one is a techie’s dream.


By  via The Cocoon Blog

How tiny cameras have become big business


” The number of applications this is being used for beyond hobbyists is mind boggling”’

Chris AdamsBrinno Inc


Brinno camera

The Brinno camera takes a picture once a second

Brinno Inc starting making a video camera specially for front mounting onto bicycles.

The engineers behind the TLC200 were keen to record multi-day bike rides, but had found the typical 30 frames-per-second HD sports cameras consumed too much battery power and memory.

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Hands-On Review: The Brinno TLC-200 Timelapse Camera


Copyright Brinno

I’ve been interested in the world of timelapse photography since first trying my hand at it in 2010 with a decentcamera timer and my Nikon D90. I captured some moving clouds, some sunrises and sets, and boats moving about in tidal water. Upon editing the whole thing together, I knew that I was hooked. The results were pretty decent for a first time effort, and I spent most of the time during the timelapse process simply sitting next to the camera and enjoying the view with my own eyes. While there are plenty of more complex techniques to take timelapse projects today – “hyperlapsing” among them – it’s still a fun and creative way to meld photography and videography into one, no matter your skill level.

With that said, enter the Brinno TLC-200 timelapse camera. It’s a simple device, really, and speaks to the inherent ease in simply going out and shooting a timelapse in its most basic form. Sunsets, events, security – according to Brinno, this camera does it all. As advertised, it takes timelapses in HD as well, which I would come to expect since almost all mobile phones today can take HD video. Additionally, the camera assembles your timelapse on its own, in camera, in just a few seconds. Seems like a neat little package. Let’s take it for a spin and see what’s what with this thing.

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