Content Creator Spotlight: “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Art Director Jacinta Leong

Art director – Jacinta Leong

Jacinta Leong, the award-winning art director who has worked on Pacific Rim: Uprising, Alien: Covenant, Mad Max, Star Wars and The Great Gatsby. In our interview, Jacinta graciously offers our readers a glimpse of using time lapse cameras into the production design in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

“Edit to suit the viewers, not just yourself.
  Enjoy your craft, and it will show in your videos.”
Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

1) Are there any tips you would like to share with everyone?

If there’s an opportunity to test your image, intervals, card space, and battery power, then do!
Multiple cameras create a much more interesting movie, so if possible, buy more than just one camera.

TLC200 Pro-BTS- Photo courtesy of Jacinta Leong
TLC200 Pro-BTS- Photo courtesy of Jacinta Leong

 2) How did you get your start creating time lapse videos?

My wife bought me a Brinno TLC100 garden camera over 10 years ago. I used it on a couple of film set builds, then upgraded to the TLC200 and TLC200 Pro when I discovered the improvements in the camera’s features. The LCD viewing screen was a major improvement.

TLC200 Pro-BTS- Photo courtesy of Jacinta Leong

3) What is the appeal of time lapse for you?

I love how these movies make time elastic. By speeding up the footage, the progress of an event is easy to watch. It’s informative, educational and entertaining. You can turn what would otherwise be a mundane process into a visual narrative.

4) What is your best time lapse achievement (link)?

Alien: Covenant movie construction time lapse video

The construction time lapse video of the “Alien: Covenant” movie sets, was found by George Takei’s social media team. It was posted on Facebook and was viewed more than 8 million times. 

The “Alien: Covenant” sets were beautiful shapes and forms, with textures and colours that were very camera-friendly. When you start with this material, it makes for photogenic content and composition. As the sets were built, each layer was a joy to watch in time lapse. They created wonderful patterns and a sense of the progress.

 5) What is the benefit of using a Brinno over other cameras?

Brinno cameras have features which other cameras do not match. These features include physical size, accessories, battery power setting options, and ease of use.

“There’s also a selfie in the boom lift. I obtained my boom lift license specifically to fasten cameras at heights up to 15m, for wider views.”-Photo courtesy of Jacinta Leong

Pacific Rim: Uprising- The latest movie construction time lapse

Shot at the Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia

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