3 Ways to Grow Your Tattoo Business

Get your tattoo business started or get more attention

There are 3 most important things you must have for your tattoo business. From the basic to get more clients, we are going to cover them and help you develop and grow your tattoo business.

1. Equipment

If you want to be a tattoo artist or already are, there is much equipment you will need to purchase. No tattoo artist, even the most talented, can tattoo without tools. To fully equipped your tattoo studio and materials to create a reputable name in the tattoo industry, you need to have the equipment like the image listed below.

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2. Ideas

Besides that, the core on top of that will be your ideas. A great way to find great ideas is to collect as many images, photos, and screenshots as possible organized in a place.  Still, there is one more missing, a way to expose your work and to reach a wider audience. All you need is a camera, but not a digital camera. You need a camera that specifically shoots time-lapse video.

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3. Get more clients

As a tattoo artist, you need a camera for taking photographs or recording videos during the process of your creation to attract more customers. You may use a mobile phone, but you might be interrupted by phone calls or messages while recording; you might consider a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, but it won’t record more than an hour unless you have to pause your work and wait while it’s charging. What you really need is a Time Lapse Camera that can record your entire creation process without being worry about camera’s battery life. That is TLC120, the Time Lapse Camera.

Why Time Lapse?

Before Time Lapse

Before shooting time lapse video, show photos are the most common way to promote your projects.

After Time Lapse

You can share your entire tattoo process to your clients. Also, share them on the internet as well to the world.


Tips for setting up your TLC120s

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