Ideal for Homeowners and Renters, Brinno Unveils DUO – the Most Affordable & Practical Smart Front Door Security Solution

Brinno’s DUO smart peephole camera retrofits a front door peephole to offer a discreet Dual Screen / DualStorage DIY solution for home security

Americans are no strangers to the troubling trends of break-ins and package-theft from homes & apartments.  Today, there are several IoT home security options targeted to tech-savvy young adults but they are often challenging to install by the average homeowner, can’t be used by renters, are visibly obvious to burglars, or require a monthly fee. Created for the less-tech-savvy, mature adults, and kids who need home security detection the most, Brinno has introduced the DUO smart peephole camera.  The DUO offers a unique solution with dual screens and dual storage (on the back of the door and/or transmitted to a smartphone via Wi-Fi) so that residents can easily see who is at their door whether they are home or away.

Innovative Two Screens | Two Storage Solution

Brinno DUO combines its proprietary low power WiFi technology and reconfigures the door’s standard peephole into a discreet smart home security detection camera which is un-noticed by outside visitors. It’s ideal for all family members, young and old, living together or alone, and when at home or away.

In contrast to exposed smart doorbells, the theft-proof indoor Brinno DUO camera provides a clear image of visitors via a built-in 2.7-inch LCD screen, transforming the hard-to-see peephole into clear front head-to-shoulder images. These images are automatically saved onto an SD card locally in the device. For residents not at home, they can use Brinno’s app to see a live view of their front door area or check the visitor log remotely anywhere and at any time.  The Brinno DUO app can also send message alerts to a smart phone or an email when it detects activity at the door. The visitor images are automatically sent and stored to the designated email box of the user’s choice as a backup offering double insurance of image data storage. The catch-thief-in-the-act photos are perfect witnesses or physical evidence for burglary reports to the police.

Save Smart on Smart Device

Brinno DUO is designed for DIY easy installation and removal, keeping the front door intact and unaltered making it particularly convenient for apartment dwellers. Motion and knocking sensors also included to ensure that activities at home entrance area are monitored. In addition, the DUO is a simple one price solution with no additional charges for add-on accessories or required cloud storage data plans. It is the most practical solution on the market with a minimal cost or easy installation helping residents keep their home security budget in check.

Pre-sale Debut on Indiegogo

The Brinno DUO is currently on a pre-sale early bird special through for $129.00 while quantities last. The shipment of the special offer will take place early December. Following the Indiegogo campaign, the DUO be available on Amazon in mid-December for $249.00. 

In the package, the DUO smartdevice will be accompanied by everything needed for the setup in a standardhome, apartment, condo, and hotel room doors (35-57mm thick) including 4 AAbatteries, the installation kit, the door knocker, a motion sensor, thereceiver, a new peephole, and a locking key. For more information about theproduct, please visit