How to Install Brinno TLC120 in ATH2000

How to install Brinno TLC120 in ATH2000.

1. Install 16 AA batteries into battery compartment.

2.Check battery level
2-1. Turn camera on.

2-2. Plug the power cable into your camera.

2-3. Press the button on the battery slot to check battery level.

2-4. Battery indicator:


Green 100% – 20%
Orange 20% – 5%
Red < 5% (replace the batteries immediately)


3. Open memory card cover then mount (or install) the camera to the related position on the mounting board. 4. Plug the power cable into the camera.5. Install battery slot into camera housing.6. Install camera into camera housing.7. Tighten the screw to lock battery slot’s position in place.8. Take out desiccant and pack it into camera housing.9. Close the camera housing and lock the latch.