How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Recycled Cardboard


Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year! Brinno creative team have explored and used left-over cardboard boxes from warehouse and created an Eco-friendly Wonderland! This tutorial shows you how to grab several cardboard pieces into a lovely Christmas tree decoration.

So, let’s begin!

Materials needed:

– Cardboard boxes

– Scissors

– Hole Punch

– Stainless Steel Wire

– Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble

– Gold Star Christmas Ornament


Step 1. )
Cut cardboard strips (from a cardboard box)

Step 2. )
Stack of cardboard in a large pile.

Step 3. )
Create your template by drawing a Christmas tree on the pile of cardboard. After that, Cut along a shape following the trace line.

Step 4. )
Punch a hole in the center of each cardboard strip. Next, insert the stainless steel wire into the hole.

Step 5. )
Hang  Christmas tree from the ceiling.

Step 6. )
A spiral shape starting from the bottom up keep pushing inward and when you are done slowly pivot the Christmas tree.

Step 7. )
Put your favorite Christmas decorations up, and you’re done!

Step 8. )
Don’t forget to use Brinno to time-lapse the whole process and share your great work to the world!


Create your own environmentally friendly Christmas tree that make your home a little more festive.

Happy Holidays!