Content Creator Spotlight: Colorado Photographer Discovers Brinno Cameras!

Photographer: Lohr
Photographer: Michael Lohr

Content Creator Spotlight: Colorado Photographer Discovers Brinno Cameras! 

When we first noticed photographer Michael Lohr it was through a series of videos he had created as a user of Brinno Cameras.

It was immediately clear that there was something special about the content he was creating.

Smart, imaginative and the man really had a way with clouds (his nick name is now the cloud whisperer.)

Fast forward to a couple of years later and we have some of the most interesting content ever created with our cameras.  He has combined time-lapse, stop motion video, created awesome content with the ART200 Panlapse Base, made construction videos, travel clips with the TLC120 and even built a barn.

There is nothing this man can’t do (and hasn’t tried) with our cameras. He even was invited by The Weather Network to storm chase with their team for a two week stretch!

It seems fitting that our Content Creator Spotlight this month showcases the talents of Michael Lohr.

1) What is the appeal of time lapse for you and your clients? 

It’s a personal thing for me.  It’s seeing a world that you never knew existed.  Watching a plant grow, or clouds form or a building being constructed from start to finish all in a matter of minutes or seconds is memorizing to me.
2) Which Brinno camera(s) do you use?
There are 3 different cameras that I use – Each has it’s own niche depending on what I’m trying to capture.  The MAC200DN  camera is an unbelievable long term time-lapse camera.  With just a set of batteries you can set it up and watch months go by.   It’s great to use as a wildlife cam since it’s motion activated.
The TLC 120 is compact, weatherproof  and easy to control remotely with your phone.  It’s the perfect camera for chasing storms.
My personal favorite though is the TLC200 PRO- It was my first Brinno camera and still is the one I use most.  It’s easy to set up, the battery life incredible, and it has interchangeable lenses and the option to play with stop motion videos!
2a) What is your best time lapse achievement (link)?
   There are 2 that I can think of – The first came from just trying to clear off my full memory cards.  I threw together a mix of clips that I forgot were even on those cards.  Throw away footage basically.  What came of it though was a flashback of all the experiments and fun I had playing with time-lapse.  It really shows what the Brinno cameras are capable of.

 And 2nd …. Joby the Brinno Monster.

 He also made a guest appearance when I first received my TLC120 in the mail.

3) What is the benefit of using a Brinno over other cameras?
Hands down the best battery life out of any camera period.  Not just time lapse cameras…. any camera.   The customer service is top notch also.  I have never heard of anyone asking a question about the camera that didn’t get a response back the same day, if not the same hour.

4) Do you see time lapse as a growing market?
 Absolutely – It’s offered on nearly every phone and action cam these days.  The more people learn to use it, the more it’s going to be in demand.
I also feel like there is a huge untapped market in the education field.   Art Classes, and Science Classes I could see using the heck out of these cameras.
I remember hatching butterflies from caterpillars in 2nd grade. It was cool, but if we had the ability to replay the whole process through time-lapse it would have blown my little 2nd grader mind!
5) What would you like to see offered with regards to future camera features?
    More than anything … future cameras with the option for stop motion videos.  It is one of my favorite features of the 200pro.  I’m sad that the 120 didn’t come with it.

5a) What recommendations do you have for others interested in long term time lapse?

Practice Patients!   It’s so tempting to stop your camera too early just because you’re eager to see what you’re footage looks like, or you start second guessing your shot.   It’ll turn out awesome.  Just let it do it’s thing.  I’ve ended up with an awesome time-lapse that was cut short way too many times.
5b) Do you have any quick tips or tricks for other users?  
   Time-lapse videos on the go are some of my favorites.  Especially when shooting footage of storms.  You only need about 10 – 15 minutes at say an Interval of 3-5 second intervals at 30fps for a 7-10 second clip.  A bunch of  7 to 10 second clips combined together makes for an awesome and interesting video.
Share your videos!  People will love them and it will encourage you to keep on capturing time.

 We can’t wait to see more of what this photographer from Colorado will capture. It will for sure be interesting, original and innovative. Exactly as our cameras were made to be used.
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