Content Creator Spotlight: Brinno User In Mexico Story and Creative Tips

What is a content creator? A Brinno user that makes awesome time-lapse videos with our cameras.

We have been lucky enough to come across some amazing videos are always interested in why people choose Brinno cameras and their tips!

Today’s content creator spotlight is Luis Roberto de Leon a professional photographer/videographer in Monterrey, Mexico.

content creator luis roberto de leon
1) What is the appeal of time-lapse for you and your clients?
A time-lapse is an interesting, fast way to see a change in something, in real time either in construction or movement. In modern cities and in modern time things happen quickly. Modern people like to see  what they want to see. They don’t have the time or patience to see long videos. In a time-lapse you can see a building being constructed, the growth of a plant or flower, the movement of the clouds,  any process that takes hours you can see it in minutes. Time-lapse is also useful in editing or transition in a video.

2) Which Brinno camera(s) do you use?
Most of the time I use the TLC200 Pro, and sometimes the MAC200DN.

3) What is your greatest time-lapse achievement?

4) What is the benefit of using a Brinno over other cameras?
The best feature that I didn´t find on other cameras is the batteries duration. I can be confident that I can leave the camera alone for a month being sure that when I come back it will still be working.

5) Do you see time lapse as a growing market?

Yes! In this digital age, we can do a time-lapse without expensive equipment as it was with film cameras before. With only one person and a camera you can do a time-lapse that will impress a client. Only a few years ago, you would have to wait days to get the film developed and printed.In today’s  video and photography market we can get immediate images and as photographer’s and videographer’s can respond quickly to our clients.

6) What would you like to see offered with regards to future camera features?

Do you mean, what do I wish in future cameras? I yes, it would be better resolution and manual controls.

7) What recommendations do you have for others interested in long term time lapse?

See a lot of time-lapses. You will see long and short time-lapses, interesting and boring. The ones done with care and others “just because I can do it” or my boss asked me to do it. Look at every one like if you were paying for them… how do you feel with the result? The analysis of what you saw will work as knowledge of your future time-lapses. A professional time-lapser must go beyond putting the camera to work and waiting for time to go by. A time-lapse must tell a story and do it well about something moving or transforming through time but it has to do it in an interesting way. You have some tools to do it: music, editing, different camera positions, it is like you are making a movie.

8) Do you have any quick tips or tricks for other users?

• Know your equipment and it’s controls. Brinno camera’s have a lot of menu options and every one of them is there for a reason (we agree!!!!)
• Make many tests, make mistakes and find out how to solve them. Make each test as if somebody is paying you to do it.
• Try to keep the final time-lapse short, no more than 2 or 3 minutes.
• The music must be energetic and royalty free. It is a professional product you must pay for the rights of the music.
• Edit your time-lapse, hold it for some time, let’s say a day or two. Look at it again and make those changes that you didn’t see in the first cut.
As an added bonus HERE is a look at another time-lapse video he created!
We look forward to highlighting more stories in our next content creator spotlight.