Camera Operation Behavior with External Power Supplied and Batteries Installed

        Ever since Brinno published Time Lapse Cameras, there have been so many inquiries about the usage of external power supply. As most of TLC fans know, one of the biggest advantages of our Time Lapse Cameras is the long-lasting battery life. But of course, it never hurts to know if there are other ways to make recording even longer. In fact, many users have already figured the possibility of using a USB cable and wall adapter!  Here we present you a table that answers most of your questions regarding battery and external power supply.

Camera Operation Behavior with External Power Supplied and Batteries Installed
External Power Supply: DC 5V Wall Adapter with Micro USB cable
*Note: Switch of the external power option to DC IN while recording video by using the App.

        You’ll notice from the 3rd row of the table that external power supplies to the camera as the first choice when a camera contains batteries. Besides, the recording will go on even when the external power discontinues. Just like most of our users think, this makes batteries in camera become backup power when external power is gone!

        With the above being said, some users might wonder, “what if the external power gets back?” The answer is interesting. According to the table, only TLC200Pro (BCC200) will not switch back to use external power. It means that once the external power is gone, TLC200Pro (BCC200) takes battery power until batteries are dead and will not take external power again. 

Rechargeable TLC120 & TLC130 

        Now that the table shows USB cable and wall adapter are applicable to our cameras, some users might wonder if they “charge” the cameras. Among all of our cameras, only TLC120 and TLC130 are rechargeable. The design of TLC120/TLC130 is different from most of them. A rechargeable Li-PO battery is embedded in TLC120/TLC130 while most of the Time Lapse Cameras need users to install AA batteries manually. (Note: recommended batteries are alkaline batteries) The wall adapter only charges TLC120/TLC130 but not all the other models. They work simply as the power supply to all other Time Lapse Cameras!