Delivering More Time Lapse Photography Than You Can Imagine…Brinno Introduces the EMPOWER HDR & FHD Compact Time Lapse Camera

Brinno’s EMPOWER: TLC2000 signature series Time Lapse Camera Instantly Captures Vivid Time Lapse Video in HDR & FHD resolutions with flexible schedules and lasting battery life

Brinno EMPOWER: TLC2000

The popularity of time lapse photography has continued to evolve from a cinematic technique used by professional photographers to entertaining videos by novices portraying variations in nature or growth, to a resourceful marketing and productivity tool used by professionals including contractors, hospitality and more. Known to turn the tedious process of time lapse production into no-sweat delight, Brinno is introducing its newest time lapse camera with improved HDR & FHD functions, compact design, long battery-life, and new stop motion features – the Brinno EMPOWER: TLC2000.

The 1080P resolution allows for great low-light recording and sharper images. A 118˚ field of view angle records a wider area so users can capture amazing, panoramic images. The camera’s F.2 aperture lens also contributes to the improved image detail or the CS-mount interface works with Brinno BCS interchangeable zoom lenses. And the new Flexible Schedule Setup function allows users to automatically start and stop recording at a specified time on precise days or on a daily/weekly schedule. The battery life depends on different scene settings, but in certain settings, the two AA batteries can last for weeks or months of continuous filming (based on scheduled intervals).

The Brinno EMPOWER: TLC2000 is an upgrade to the previous TLC200Pro. Designed to deliver more than you can imagine, the EMPOWER captures breathtaking vivid High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Full High Definition (FHD) 1080P time lapse video in any light. The instant technology produces actual video, and not just a series of JPEGs making time lapse photography a simple and fun experience for everyone!

Brinno EMPOWER: TLC2000

The new compact design is portable and easy-to-use weighing only 3 ounces and measuring 2.4 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches. It can be used indoors or outside with the optional ATH2000 weatherproof housing. It is shockingly simple to use – just start filming with the push of a button! Choose between Time Lapse, Step Video or Stop Motion modes and schedule the time intervals and set-up the Flexible Schedule Setup function (for documenting several days or jobsite progress). The videos can then be uploaded to a smartphone or computer via USB or microSD for playback or additional editing.

The Brinno EMPOWER: TLC2000 package will be available in early 2019 and comes complete with the HDR / FHD Time Lapse Camera (TLC2000), a 8GB microSD Card, 2 AA Batteries, a screwdriver, a USB-C Cable, and the user manual.

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