[TLC120 FAQ] Switch Between TLC120s While Recording [Andriod] [Article]

While TLC120 is recording, you can’t do anything except stopping it.

brinno app is recording

Turn off Brinno app.

turn off brinno app


Go back to Brinno app and hit camera.

hit camera in brinno app


When the app starts reconnecting, go ahead and hit cancel. (It takes a couple times)

Hit cancel during the connection


Now you are able to see all the connections, go ahead and hit the one you wish to connect.

connections in brinno app


After you hit connect, go to your phone’s WiFi settings and find the one you just connected.

Connecting to TLC120's WiFi


Then, go back to Brinno app and hit refresh.

hit refresh in brinno app for android


You should be able to see and control the other camera.

Preview showed in brinno app in android


By repeating  this process you should be able to control multiple TLC120s in a smart phone.