[TLC120 FAQ] How to Switch Between Your TLC120s When Not Recording [Article]

Learn how to switch between your TLC120s when not recording

By switching which camera it is connected to, the Brinno app allows you to control multiple cameras. Click here if you want to see in the video.

Before you start

Make sure to label all your TLC120’s SSID on your cameras. Learn more.

Let’s get started

  1. Turn on all your TLC120s and connect the first TLC120 to your phone.  Next, go to “2. settings” and find “3. camera ID“, then hit “4. search“.


2. Go ahead and “5. click” the other TLC120 and “6. click connect“.



3. Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and “7. find” the camera’s Wi-Fi connection.


4. Go back to the Brinno app again and you are done.

Preview showed in brinno app in android



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