Brinno SHC1000 Review: A Safety Entrance

We care for your loved ones at home

If you’ve decided to install a home security camera and you’re starting to browse Amazon or eBay to see what’s available, you’ll need to know how to choose the right camera and the best places to install security camera. Around 34% of all burglars enter homes through the front of the building, so you’ll need to set one security camera here. It is a great way to deter every activity from the outset. Make a front door camera should be a top priority. Then Brinno SHC1000 will be the perfect front door security camera. Furthermore, the DIY peephole camera is simple to use and easy to install for any homeowner.

We’re upgrading our motion detector, built-in knocking sensor, and long lasting power to make sure our camera is covering the areas you want to detect. Through our love of detail we developed two options of installation motion detector for users: door knocker mode that requires you to insert sensor unit into door knocker casing and portable mode that locates sensor unit anyplace near front door. For motion detector, up to 6 can link up, and they should work up to ten meters from each other. It’s great for hide it anywhere on your doorstep, but think about how helpful it could be cover the widest possible area.

SHC1000 which has a built-in knocking sensor, it auto-detects knocks. Moreover, a knocking sensor is useful that you might not miss something important. A method of adjusting a knock detection is available on peephole camera. Enable the camera to auto capture photos when someone knocks on your door. You can select among 6 sensitivity options from OFF to Heavy. Next, get upfront face images with amazing sharpness via optical grade lens on peephole camera. And while SHC1000 plays its part well in making life more convenient.


Made For Family

Protecting your love ones is a big responsibility and we take it very seriously. In addition to these upgrades, you’ll see new ways to keep your family safe and meet the needs of all generations at home. You can stay home without worry at all, if you are concerned about security, or being on your own. SHC1000 will look after you and you can live here completely peace in mind.