Brinno Customer Spotlight: Immobiliaria Espigul | Construction Time Lapse

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Founded in 1987, Girona, Spain-based Immobiliaria Espigul is one of the building company and the real estate. They have been built and marked a large volume of real estate. Immobiliaria Espigul works diligently to manage quality throughout construction and real estate to success.


We caught up with them to learn more about how they use of the Brinno time lapse camera has helped showcase their work.

1) Please briefly introduce your company.

Immobiliaria Espigul (Espigul Real Estate) is one of the pillars of a group of companies formed by the developer, the construction company and the real estate. Founded in 1987, the company has experienced several economic cycles and has gone through the best and worst moments in the real estate sector, but always moving steadily and innovating day after day. In the last 30 years, it has built and marketed a large volume of real estate through more than 1,000 homes, 3,000 parkings, 200 stores and other types of real estate, becoming the promoter, construction and real estate leader in the province of Girona, next to Barcelona in Catalunya (Spain).

2) Is it required by the client or your proposal for using time -lapse photography?

We use the time lapse format. It is the best to make a brief of our work, which spends lot of time of production comparing to an article made in a factory for example.

3) Any other camera solution has been considered before? 

No, Brinno was the first and we’ve made lots of time lapse. The shortest of 3 hours and the longest of a 1 year house construction.

4) Why choose Brinno?

We browse the web and find it. Comparing to other solutions we tried that seemed the best. After 2 years we can verify this decision.

5) What does Brinno time lapse cameras help your business?

It is the best solution to record a long-period construction.

Brinno, immobiliaris espigul, camera, construction, Girona


We appreciate IMMOBILIARIA ESPIGUL providing their feedback on how Brinno time lapse cameras have assisted in their works. To learn more about their work check out their website at: