The Best Memory of the Holiday Season Starts at Front Door

What was your profound childhood memories of holiday season? As a kid, you think of nothing but enjoying the time. All my childhood festive seasons were memorable, as it was the only time of the year that all family members would spend one whole day at our house. This morning as I made chocolate covered with my five-year-old daughter, all the feelings of my own childhood holiday season came flooding back to me. I was transported back to own small hands making chocolate dipped strawberries and sprinkling on the rainbow sprinkles. In a quiet neighborhood, a family compound gears up for the holidays. Many relatives and friends visited us at our home. I always received a warm hearted greeting and hugs all around, so I immediately felt loved by my beloved family. Holiday season is an ideal time to express love and good wishes for those we care. I wish I could turn back the time and capture all these treasure moments every time.

This year, our family can do something different. Bring along the Brinno PeepHole Camera SHC500 to freeze that perfect moment in life. Replace your outdated peephole with big screen peephole camera that is wire free and long lasting in battery power. The PeepHole camera is fitted with a concealed camera that enhances greeting safety for children and elderly by keeping viewing screen hidden behind the door. Installation is quick and easy. SHC500 can capture your visitors and keep the digital visitor log for future review with an easy push of the button. Whether you are looking for holiday season from the latest gift ideas for your own clan, or to treat family friends, the Brinno SHC500 will be a unique idea sure to wow them this time. Capture your family members greeting at the front door, pop out the microSD card and preserve these cherished photos forever.

Memories of such holiday activities are always dear, and some families have found unusual methods of preserving past holiday seasons. Next year, you will impress family members, friends, and neighbors with this chic holiday idea. Collect and customize all your sharp images from SHC500 last year’s holidays with your own seasonal text. Tug a flashback to a remarkable snapshot for a wonderful moment at your heartstrings. Festival season is a time both for reflection and cheerful celebration of family and friendship. No matter where we are, holiday season reminds us of the people who mean the most.