[TLC120 FAQ] First Time Connect Smartphone to TLC120

Learn how to set up your TLC120 for the first time before you use it to record your creation process.

TLC120 is the best process recorder. It allows you to setup different settings according to where you are shooting. Whether you are in your studio, create on a street, or in the night, we provide 3 different settings to help you be more creative.

Before you start

  • Plug and charge the camera by using a micro USB cable to an adapter or a computer.
  • Download “Brinno Camera” searching by keyword in App Store or Google Play.

Let’s get started

  1. Open the Brinno App.

  2. Click on OK.

  3. Turn on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

  4. Click on CAMERA.

  5. Find the SSID Number and click on CONNECT. If you don’t know where to find the SSID Number, please read this.

  6. When the camera is connected to the app, it shows the Wi-Fi AP Mode Error. (At this point, you are able to access the camera settings and record time lapse video.)

  7.  Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, connect to the camera Wi-Fi, and enter password “12345678”.

  8. Go back to the Brinno App and click on REFRESH.

  9. Finally, you should see the camera’s preview screen as well as to control the camera.


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